Sunday, November 30, 2008

ding ding ding...

so far both of my blogs have been four letter words in threes. classic.

But I promise this one makes sense just as well. So over the past three months I've been living at home. With living at home, many challenges have presented themselves. I think i'll list a few for fun.

#1. Nothing is ever where I originally left it. My mom is always picking stuff up.
#2. I have to go to church (early service starts at 8:30) every single time, very different from school. I mean I know what you are thinking and I DID go to church at school, just at my own discretion and not by parental influence. and now that they've started airing hopewells services,which is great but i mean... you know what, I'm done with this one.
#3. different bedtimes.
#4. of course the whole "where can i reach you" thing.
#5. but number five is what I am actually choosing to blog about...


haha. So its not that big of a deal, but, it kinda is.

So basically the straw, if you will, fell at the deer camp because of a disagreement between me and my dad and we found ourselves staring at each with smoke coming out of our ears.
Honestly, this hardly ever happens, but when it does, there should be a button someone could press that would automatically lower our blood pressures, put us in hand cuffs, and slap 5 pieces of duct tape over our mouths. thats

Naturally, feelings were never discussed, just swept under and another eruption happened the next day. This is where the story takes a turn, flash forward to my house a day later. My dad comes upstairs where I'm in head over heels into a freshy guitar riff that i was/am trying to learn. What he did next is what I would like for every father / potential to take note of. He demanded that we get to the root of the problem, not the initial disagreement. but the root. So I'm 25 and understand that i should be grown, but dude sometimes, I'm a baby and i need the occasional woodshed experience. Thanks dad.

30 minutes later my relationship with my father had waltzed right through a mudhole that could have easily bogged us down, and I had gained a better understanding of him and his position in our family and he had gained a better understanding of me and how i tick. With the gift of communication, it was over.

I really wish that more fathers did this, instead of just saying "I'll pray about it" or "He'll grow out of it." My father actually took some initiative and demanded that I communicate with him. I am very blessed to have a father and a family that demands communication. Communication can do so much, its kept me out of trouble, strenghtened my realtionships, and occasionally made me money. It can save marriages, lives, money, time, stress. So, because I've learned this its truth and you all should live exactly the way I do and give some good ole fashioned communication a try. In fact, try it with both of your fathers. (and thats not a crack on divorcees or the south, its meant in a spiritual light... had to do it.)

I'm so glad that God gives us the ability to see our own faults, its actually quite humorous at times.

Good day and good music.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well well well...

Every now and then a blog comes along that redefines the very nature of blogging. A blog so strong, so opinionated and so complex that you honestly question why you started reading it in the first place. This my friends, is that blog. My name is Dan Isbell and I plan on taking you on a trip that would make black tar heroine look like flintstones vitamins. But first before this transcendental madness begins, let us lay some ground rules.

1. I’m extremely sarcastic and love constructive criticism, so fire away.

2. Sometimes I over-use the comma button, if it gets a little ridiculous, I apologize, but its because I speak in long sentences, not because I’m not educated just bare with me, again, I apologize.

3. I think if you voted for Obama just because he’s black, you’re dumb.
I think if you voted for McCain because he’s white, you’re dumb.
Members of these parties need not respond to this blog.
Sorry, this is a race free zone.

4. I love music with my heart, mind, body and soul.

5. I love all types of music. Every single type. Really.

6. I love my family.

7. I’m a born again believer in Christ, not religion.

8. I love to skateboard, wakeboard and Snowboard.

9. Reid is my favorite brother and best friend.

10. My sisters are precious and very dear to me also.

11. My brother in law is tolerable.

12. JK. Nothing but love rage cage.

13. Many of the people I wish would read this never will.

14. I love my life.

15. I am blessed to have a few good friends and 2 or 3 great friends.

16. I am a songwriter, always open to ideas.

17. I love Alison Krauss.

18. I miss my grand-daddy.

19. I love to deer and turkey hunt.

20. I actually would “rather be hunting”

21. Hail State…

22. I’m a sucker for a sundress.

23. I can probably do a better toe touch than you or your sister. Booyah.

24. I don’t really like praise and worship music. Call me old fashioned.

25. I think you’re probably getting tired of reading this.

Anywho, I’m planning on using this here blog as a way to look back. You know, when I’m 30 and successful, handsome and famous. I’m planning on being a rock star and I’m sure you are too. Good luck with that. Pretty stiff competition.

Don’t cuss on responses to the things I write. They will be deleted. Guess this is actually the rules we were talking about earlier. I’m open to discussing any and everything, so if you have something in mind, hit me up.

That’s enough for now. Good day.

I have my own particular sorrows, loves, delights; and you have yours. But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love, belong to all of us, in all times and in all places. Music is the only means whereby we feel these emotions in their universality.
-H.A. Overstreet